Preparing your yard for the attack of winter involves tons of tasks that need to be done—from irrigation blowouts to the ultimate mowing. Now is the ideal time to deal with such fall landscape tasks for you to guarantee a fruitful lawn this springtime. 


Fertilize to guarantee growth in the future 

Sure, it is a great idea to fertilize once or twice during the summer and spring. However, once you just do this once every year, fall would be the ideal time to perform this chore. This is because grass develops more slowly during the winter season through the roots will still keep on growing without being obvious. Once you put fertilizer during the fall season, it provides your lawn the needed nutrients to keep such roots maintained and healthy until the spring season. It would be recommended to wait until the late in the fall or in the middle of the season. Spread a dry lawn fertilizer and make sure that all areas were applied with it. For optimal coverage, a walk-behind drop spreader can help.  

Blow out the irrigation system 

Sure, you get chances with some aspects of your lawn maintenance but not your sprinkler system. Once you fail to properly make it winter-proof during the fall season, you can possibly make irreparable harm to it that’s usually extremely expensive to salvage. If you live in areas where you experience frozen grounds for several months, your irrigation pipes tend to burst easily and your sprinkler heads can shatter as well when there is still water left within your system that it can freeze. Here are some of the ways you can take to make your irrigation system winter-proof. To get the following job done right the first time, contact an expert to deal with your landscaping in Lompoc. 

  • Blow out the water 
  • Put anti-freeze to your pump 
  • Eliminate valves and backflow preventer 
  • Switch off the main water valve when it’s your vacation house 
  • Unplug the timer to prevent power surges 

This procedure might be complex. Hence, it’s very essential to follow all of the steps of just choose to employ an expert to help you out. Doing the latter option will surely provide your peace of mind since you’re assured that all will be done right the first time.  

The final mowing 

Before you get your lawnmower back for the season, now is the perfect time to perform the ultimate mowing session for your lawn. The rule of thumb for this would be to only trim down up to 1 ¼ inches at this point because diseases won’t usually impact short grass. Moreover, all those fallen leaves from the trees will be flown right across your lawn rather than being stuck on tall grasses and eventually accumulate. Although, you still have to be cautious not to cut your grass too short as this can restrict the food supply it can take form the roots. If unsure, you can always contact lawn experts near you today.